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Genealogy Update - Nov. 23, 2008
Updated Gregory John Prothman's web page
- Fixed spelling of Gregory's dads name (Carl Dominic, was shown as Carl Dominicus)
- Updated webmaster email.

Genealogy Update - March 1, 2004  We are in the process of adding under the Owen Line:
Catherine Owen Hallstrom  and Jack Owen descendents of Alfred Owen. all with pictures and stories. We are also adding the url for Jack Owen and his Sailing ship adventure.

Genealogy Update - April 12, 2003   Today we added the Owen/Dixon lines including  Davies, Oakes, Bate, Gregory, Cole, Wilkinson, some with pictures and stories.

Genealogy Update - April 3, 2003   Now after a few of years of  researching and documentation, we have added the information on the Prothman, Murphy, Sherry and Manning lines, some with pictures and stories. 

Added Jack Owen -Daylight Sailing Ship http://www.prothman.org/JackOwen/   
Added Marge Web Site http://www.prothman.org/marge           

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