Raymond Prothman


Raymond Joseph Prothman
Born:  01 Mar 1920 in Salvador Saskatchewan
Died:  13 Jul in  Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

Father:  Carl Dominic Prothman
Mother:  Catherine Murphy Prothman

Married: Nora Margaret Sands  on 01 Oct 1943
Nora was born in Naniamo on 14 Jan 1914.
Died: 01 Oct 1994 in Nanaimo B.C.Canada

Nora and Ray were married in Nanaimo B.C. and resided at 1605 Bowen Rd. during their married life.

Both Ray and Nora were members of the Canadian Army.
Raymond joined 07 Oct 1942 and was discharged 16 Mar 1946
Nora joined 20 Jan 1942 and was discharged 01 Jul 1944.

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