Amalie Peter

Mathilde Prothman
Elisabeth Prothman
Bernard Prothman
Frances Prothman
Carl Dominic Prothman
Marie Prothman
Clara Prothman


Born: 3 Feb 1851 in East Prussia
Died: 28 Oct 1933 in Salvador, Sask. Canada. 
Burial:  Amalie is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery,  in Saskatchewan, Canada

Father:  unknown
Mother:  unknown

Married Anton Prothman abt.1871 in East Prussia.   
Marriage date is estimated from birth of first child in 1872.

Not  much is known about Amalie Peter.  It is assumed she also came from the Guttenfeld area in East Prussia.

A search of  found Amalie "Protman" and Ernst Peter traveling on the ship "H.H.Meier" from Bemen, arriving in New York on Oct. 23, 1894.  Amalie's age was listed as 46 (making her birth year about 1848). Ernst, age 25, was unmarried.

She had two nephews living with her in the U.S. 1900 census in Arkansas.  Gus and Ernest Peter. Per "family stories,", she went back to Prussia to get them.  ("To escape conscription?)  Rumors of her having been married before marrying Anton.  Perhaps these are her sons from a previous marriage?

Picture of Amalie Peter Prothman reading her prayer book. Taken on the farm in Salvador, Saskatchewan, about 1930 where she lived with her son Carl Dominic Prothman and his family.


Some of her grandchildren had fond memories of Amalie catching them with her cane. She did not speak or read English very well and she wanted them to translate the newspaper into German and read it to her. Unfortunately they did not read or speak German very well.

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