Gregory John Prothman


Gregory John Prothman
Born: 5 June 1923 in Salvador, Sask. Canada
Died: 8 July 2004 in Boise
, Idaho, US,
Burial: Columbarium at the Monastery in Jerome, Idaho.

Father: Carl Dominic Prothman
Mother: Catherine Ann Murphy-Prothman

Married: November 11, 1950 to [Living]

Gregory John Prothman, 81, of Hailey, Idaho died on July 8, 2004 in St. Luke's Hospital in Boise. He and his wife moved to Hailey in 2000 from McCall, Idaho, where they resided for 10 years. They had come to Idaho from Enumclaw, Wash., living there for 36 years while raising their family there.

Greg worked at the Crystal Mountain Ski area for 26 of those years where he was involved in the Crystal Mountain Ski School and with Jack Nagel Ski School. He was a supervisor in the ski school and was very popular as a "private lesson" instructor. He also was involved in the sheet metal heating trade trades most of his life.

Greg was born in Salvador, Saskatchewan, Canada on June 5, 1923. His family farmed there until the early 1940s when they moved to British Columbia. Greg served in the Canadian army during World War II.  He was the 10 child of 11 children born to Carl Dominic and Katherine Prothman. In 1954 Greg and his wife immigrated to the United States, settling in Seattle, and then to Enumclaw, WA. After retirement they moved to McCall, Idaho, and then in 2000 they move to Halley, Idaho.

Greg was an active member in Alcoholics Anonymous and celebrated 29 years and 9 months of continuous sobriety until his death. He attributed his years of happiness to this program which he followed "One Day at a Time."

Greg enjoyed alpine skiing and golfing (12 handicap), and in later years, he could be found with friends on the golf course. He was an accomplished stained glass artist and made many pieces for friends.

His favorite question upon greeting folks was "Has anyone told you they love you today?
Well, I do!".

Greg was asked to write about what he remembered about his family. Here is what he wrote back in Sept 2000:

    Amelia Peters Prothman - Her bed was in the family room and if any of us kids would walk by and she wanted something, she would take her cane and reach out and hook us with the hooked end and talked to us in German, which none of us understood very good, but we managed to understand what she wanted. She got hold of me one time and I was just a little tyke, and she wanted me to read something out of the newspaper, and I didn't know how to read yet, and she got a little cross with me and called me a "DUMCOPF" IN GERMAN which means dumbhead in English, anyhow we got along just great...We have an old picture of her sitting in a rocking chair reading her bible, and we all decided to call it "CRAMMING FOR YOUR FINALS".

    Carl Dominic Prothman - He was a big man, well over 200 lbs. When he was younger he had quite a temper as I understand it, but I don't remember it cause as he got older he began to mellow out some, but you can believe that he ruled the roost. What he said was the last word, you didn't argue with him. Yet he was very kind and loving to me. He was not very well educated, but was very smart and understood a lot about life. He was an excellent bridge player, and liked mind games and sports.

    Catherine Anne Murphy was always a very kind and loving woman, and was perfectly happy to let Carl Dominic Prothman rule the roost. They were devout Catholics, and insisted that we children get the same education. She also liked to play cards with us children, but fun games, not serious. She was an excellent cook taught all of us to do the same thing. She was always crocheting or knitting something for us. One time I can recall that one of our cows got sick and the Vet said that he couldn't do anything for her. So after he left Catherine Anne Murphy took the holy water bottle and went out and sprinkled some on the cow, and a few minutes later the cow was up and eating grass. She always believed in holy water. We used to get thunder storms that would come up real quick and would only last for a half an hour or so... We didn't have electricity on the farm and one night one of these storms came up and the hail knocked out one of the windows, and one of my older sisters got a bread pan out and was holding it over the broken window, and your grandmother got out the holy water and started sprinkling it all over the house.. The storm passed and we all went back to bed, and when we got up the next morning there was blue dots on everything, in the dark she had grabbed the bluing bottle instead of the holy water....

    Marie Adkisson (Prothman)  - I didn't know her very well, because she had already left home before I got to  know her, I know that she was the arty type and was very talented in that field, she also loved opera and sang and worked in that field... My parents raised her children, and they only knew her as (mother)

    Clara DeForeest (Prothman) - She raised me because my mother was not able to do it as she was not well at the time. Clara had left home and became a nurse in Brooklyn N.Y. before I could remember her. She had two boys, Bob & Bill.

    Frances Prothman (Labelle) - She was a school teacher and also left home before I got to know her. She was married to Eugene (Gene) Maxime LaBelle, and she had two children, Gary and Dianne. Gene's father could only speak French and lived in Saskatchewan, Canada.  One time he came to Vancouver and didn't have Gene's phone number so he called our house and in his broken English he asked for Misseure LaBelle, well your grandfather answered the phone, and in his abrupt way he said," there ain't no Lulubelle lives here and he hung up the phone... 

    Carl Prothman - He also left home before I got to know him, and he became a Priest. He was extremely good at mathematics, and taught math at the university where he studied for the Priesthood. He was also a parish priest for many years. He was born in Little Rock Ark. Again I didn't know him very well because he had left home before I was born.

    Mercedes Prothman - She stayed at home for many years and helped around the farm, and to raise us younger children. She was sick an awful lot from some disease that she caught when she was quite young. I don't remember what it was, and at that time they had no cure for it. She married later in life and her married name was Rank. She had one child named Joseph. She was always kind and loving to me.

    Barbara Prothman - She was a very petite girl and a little on the nervous side. She married a man named Gordon Pearse, and they had several children, Terry, Peggy, Doug, and George. And of course they have several grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are quite elderly now, both in their 90s, but still quite healthy. The have always been farmers and farm an awful lot of land.

    Bill Prothman - He left home in the 1930s during the great depression. He and another man (Norman Fowler) had to ride on the top of a freight train along with hundreds of other men just to try to find work. He wound up in Algona Iowa, where he married his wife (Evelyn). They had several children, Michael, Cathy, Patrick, Constance, and Bill. He died about five years ago, And now I hear that his wife has had a stroke and is not expected to live very long.

    Raymond Prothman - He was pretty good at sports, but was never able to do anything with it. He also served in the Canadian armed forces during the second world war. Then he married Nora Sands and they had two children, Brian and Linda, they have both since died. They lived on Vancouver Island and their children still live there.

   Patricia Prothman - She entered a convent and took her vows of poverty, and taught school for several years, then she got permission to leave the convent and she married a man named Cy Levine. They never had any children but adopted two and raised them as their own, she also died about two years ago..

    Aunt Rita - She entered a convent and taught school for several years. She was very good at art and I think that is what she taught. She also left the convent at the same time as aunty Pat, and married a man named Steve Walkabout, She died of Lou Gehrig's disease, a terrible way to die. She was a very kind and loving person...

                               Lots of love to all of you, Greg.                 Peace!!!!  

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