Sarah Ann Oakes


Sarah Ann Oakes (Betsy)
Born: 1857 in Lowton, Lanc. England
Died:  23 Nov 1897 in Wash End, Lowton, Lancashire, England.

Father: Henry William Oakes
Mother: Betty Bate

Married: James Dixon on 8 Oct 1881

Betsy was 41 years old at her death in 1897. Charles Oakes, her brother was present at her death in the house at Wash End, Lowton.  Cause of death is 'Puerperal Septcemia Exhaustion'. this is also known as 'childbed fever' an infection of the uterus usually contracted during or right after delivery of the child.  this was the main cause of death in childbirth in the 19th century. Doctors and Midwives carried the infection (and simply washing of the hands and other clean practices could have eliminated it).


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