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Sarah Ellen (Sally)  Dixon
Born: 27 Feb 1891 in Wash End, Lowton, Lancashire, England
Died: 18 Apr 1952 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Father: James Dixon
Mother: Sarah Ann Oakes

Married : 03 July 1915 to Alfred Owen Bala District, Merioneth, Wales.

Sally (Sarah Ellen) Dixon and Alfred Owen were married while he was stationed with his regiment at Bala, Wales during WW1.  It is believed they eloped. How they met is yet unknown. She was born in Lowton (near Leigh) and he was from Manchester

               Sarah Ellen ( Sally ) Dixon Owen


Alfred Owen left Liverpool on 3 June 1919 and arrived in Montreal, Canada on 11 June 1919.  He sailed on the "S.S. Melita". From Montreal he traveled to Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

              Sally and Alfred 1915 in England


Sally and the two children sailed approximately 1920.  They sailed from Liverpool to St. John, New Brunswick.  They were quarantined at St. Johns because the children had the measles.  As a result they missed being on a train which subsequently crashed and killed many people.  They got a later train along with the wives and children of returning soldiers and came to Vancouver, B.C.

Sally was known for wearing her fabulous hats and looking quite stylish. She was also remembered by her brothers and sisters in England during WW 2. She sent many care packages from Canada which included many foods that were not available in England.

Pennington Mill Employees taken about 1904

The back of the card reads:

Addressed to:  Mrs. T Dixon, Norton Cottage, St. Hallens, G.O.W.

Dear Sister and Brother, this is a photo of a few of companions that I work with.  Tom do you know any of them.  You had use to do when you lived down Can you and try and pick me out? You must look carefully at every one for you can hardly see me.

from Sarah Ellen, with love xxxxxxxx



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