James Dixon

Sarah Ellen Dixon

James Dixon
Born: 17 Sept 1855 in Pennington In Leigh, Lancashire, England
Died: aft 1900

Father: James Dixon of Jones Row, Pennington (Leigh) 
Mother: Esther Wilkinson

Married:  8 Oct 1881 to Sarah Ann (Betsy) Oakes from Canan, Lowton. in Lowton, Lancashire, England. (just after the 1881 census was taken) They were married in the "Independent Methodist Chapel" of Lowton, in the District of Leigh, Lancaster. Witnesses: James Oakes and Elizabeth Webb

Occupation: Coal Miner. He could not read or write.

James Dixon with daughter Hetty (Dixon) Lambert 1930

James and Betsy had the following children:

George Dixon,   Born: abt 1882 in Lowton, Lancashire, England
married Sarah Shovelbottom

Thomas Dixon,   Born: abt 1884 in Lowton, Lancashire, England
married Millie Snow.

Sarah Esther (Hetty) Dixon,   Born: abt1886 in Lowton, Lancashire, England, married to Edward Lambert

         Sarah Esther (Hetty) and husband Edward Lambert

Sarah Margaret (Maggie)  Dixon,   Born: abt 1888 in Lowton, Lancashire, England married to Harry Cooper. Harry Cooper worked at Spring Mill. They had one son named David, married Jessie.

The Woosicks and the Coopers  (1949 circa)

Sarah Ellen (Sally) Dixon
Born; 27 Feb 1891 in Wash End, Lowton, Lancashire, England married; to Alfred Owen

          Sally Dixon (1904 circa)                      Sally Dixon Owen
                                                                   circa 1940 Vancouver B.C













Sarah Elizabeth (Bessie)
   Born: abt 1892 in Lowton, Lancashire, England  married to Oswald Woosick. They had two sons.

James J.(Jim) Dixon born: abt 1894 in Lowton, Lancashire, England married to Ethel. He died abt 1972 in England. They had one son named Jack.
(Transcript of newspaper clipping)
Presentation to Lowton M.M. Winner (photo of L.Cpl.J.J.Dixon) "There was a large gathering in the schoolroom at Lowton Independent Methodist Church, Lowton St. Mary's, on Saturday night, when on behalf of the scholars and teachers and a number of friends attached to the Sunday school, Lance-Cpl. James J. Dixon, M.M., was presented with a solid gold watch, along with a Bible and prayer book, by his old Sunday teacher, Mr. J. Hesford.  In making the presentation, Mr. Hesford spoke of the good and brave work Lance-Cpl. Dixon did.  Lance-Cpl. Dixon, on thanking those present for their generosity was greeted with hearty cheers by the children."

Jim Dixon never re-married and was a bus driver.  He later became the driving instructor for the bus company and he taught David Cooper (son of Herbert/Bessie Cooper) to drive.

   Jim Dixon and son Jack


Charles Dixon,   Born: abt 1895 in Lowton, Lancashire, England.
Died in World War 1.  His name is on the community war memorial in Saint Mary's church yard in Lowton.

Sarah Dixon, born; unk  in Lancashire, England
married to Harry Fernhead.

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